Operation Model

Operation Model Area of Operation

We operate in a sub-district of the Johannesburg central education district (D14) catering for schools in and around our centre, which is located in Tshiawelo ext. 3.


We recruit and admit grades 9 and 10 only and ETF will support and mentor grades 11 & 12 learners who are already part of the ETF programme. Given the limited resources, ETF is not able to assist all students in each of the schools identified, therefore we recruit leaner’s who along with showing academic potential, possess leadership qualities that can be developed further so that they can be able to impact positively on other learners in their respective schools. For 2013 we are taking in 60 new learners from targeted schools.

Partnership with Local Schools

Partnership with identified schools in the sub-district is critical, as the schools will assist us in selecting learners based on the criteria stated. Some of the schools are used as resources for the extra Saturday classes. Interested and willing teachers volunteer to be tutors and mentor to these learners. For 2013 we will be partnering with a maximum of 3 schools. The number will increase as we manage to secure more resources in the next 3-5 years.

Volunteers, Tutors & Mentors

We recruit and work with volunteers who are passionate about working with young people. Who have ability of developing leadership capacity amongst young people. As well as those who are you keen to give time to a worthy course and share in the value giving back to the community.

Specifically we look for people who have the ability to give advice, guidance, mentor young people? Those who are passionate and good at any of the following subjects (English, Maths, Physical Science, accounting and economics) in the period that we have operated we were able to get young professionals who are either engineers, accountants, scientist and social entrepreneurs to be part of the tutor/mentor programme

In addition we work with psychologist, a life or career coaches who assist s with life skills programme interested.


  • The eagle Trust is registered as a Trust with the Supreme Court. The Trust registration number is IT1133/11.
  • We are also registered with the department of Social Development as an NPO 096- 288.
  • We are registerd as a section 18(a) status with SARS to ensure that our investors get tax benefit.

Board of Trustees

The Eagle Trust is led by a team of professionals who have a passion for young people and the necessary experience required to run the NGO.

  Ms Gloria Mbokota
Qualifications & Professions: Masters in Public & Development Management. Director in Tsimeni Consulting. Executive Coach and Organisational development practitioner. Over 25 years of working with public sector organisations including NPO’s
  Mr. Aubrey Chauke
Qualifications & Professions: Degree in Accounting, Director at Lenani Holdings. Works as an accountant for the last 15 years.
Role:Accounting officer and Company Secretary.
  Mrs. Khumo Ntlha
Qualifications & Professions: Degree in Business management, CEO of Women In Oil and Energy. Over 30 years of working with in the NPO sector and donor environment.
  Mrs Joyce Kotu
Qualifications & Professions: Degree in Psychology. Counsellor with over 25 years of working and counselling women and young people.
Role:Co- founding Trustee and student counsellor.
  Mr Silas Ramaphosa
Qualifications & Professions:Senior degree in Education, Curriculum specialist working for the Gauteng provincial department for education. He has over 15 yeas of working with children and teenagers.
Role: Curriculum advisor Eagle Trust Tutors and Mentors.