Our Programmes

Strategic Objectives

  • To Provide tutorials and mentoring for students in the following critical subjects:-English, Mathematics, Physical Science, Accounting & Economics.
  • To provide life skills that will help students enhance their learning, discover their talents and passion so that they can choose career paths that are meaningful to them and society.
  • To provide facilities that will enable students to have access to information, utilizing latest technology for the purposes of improved learning & career planning.

Critical Subject Support:

We run Saturday classes, utilize the latest computer programmes available for the subject we cover and hold holiday camps to provide extra lessons and individual support to learners.

Life and Career Coaching:

This programme firstly addresses career needs and aspirations. We conduct psychometric assessment run by a qualified educational psychologist to assist the students in identifying their interest, potentials, and aptitude. Students are allocated trained career coaches who coach and mentor them until they get to matric. We utilize the career build programme for this part of the programme. Secondly it addresses psychosocial needs of the students as well as assisting students to develop personal mastery. We do this through group and individual coaching programmes as well as life skills workshops.

Access to Information:

We run a computer centre where students can have access to internet that they can utilize for school projects, homework, career search and access to tertiary institutions and bursaries. The computer centre is also used by students to practice their Math’s, English and Physics as individuals with supervision from a mentor/tutor. We intend to build a library in the information centre that will have reference material, but especially books to encourage reading.